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Hi there! I'm a Boston-based designer and artist with an affinity for audiobooks, beaches, word games, volleyball and binge-watching my favorite shows. Mostly though, it’s about the art, which I've adored since I sketched my first unicorn at the age of 7. That unicorn was pretty spectacular–from an epiphany perspective, at least: it helped me to realize what I love to do best. Since then I’ve worked in old-fashioned "paste up" design (spray mount! X-acto knives!) high volume production work, sketching and painting, and of course, graphic design for print and web. 


I enjoy the process of visual creation, and once I cut my teeth on graphic design, I saw the whole world through CMYK-colored lenses; I still do. As a former teacher, I've been known to be a stickler for grammar, and I also critique font usage around me in a let’s-make-everything-better kind of way (because let’s face it, fonts matter!).


Image isn't everything, but it can’t be underestimated. How you brand yourself,  your organization, products or events matters. But who am I telling? You know that, and whether you're an individual, a charity, a small business, or a large corporation, you have a distinct personality and a goal. 


I want to tell your story. My philosophy is clean, unique and elegant work and a commitment to reliability and availability for my clients. I use and experiment with various artistic styles, materials, ideas and software, but I never lose sight of the objective: to create designs you love that make your message shine. Designs that work for you.   

I love creating work that pulls people in visually, but more than that, I appreciate the challenge that comes with producing the best result for each project. Being able to capture someone’s story or message in art or design is a pretty great feeling, even if it doesn’t involve unicorns.

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layout & design   •   logo & identity   •   illustration   •   production work   •   digital image manipulation

a few of my favorite things...

...all types of art! 

...time at the beach!

...visiting my (littlest) clients!

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